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Developer, wannabe mountainer and curious minded guy

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Engineering articles

Learn more about the engineering work I have been doing the past years. A place where I talk about performance tuning, software designing, web application development and devops stuff !

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"Zero configuration query language" post's cover
"Setting up a startup's staging environment" post's cover
"Convert SQL results to JSON representation" post's cover
coding man


A group of posts about the excursions and the projects which really impacted me. Trailing, climbing, alpinism, hikes... Dive into some of my passions !

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Dry tooling
"Circuling the Queyras by the summits" post's cover
"Circuling the Queyras by the summits" post's cover
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About me

Myself sitten a ridge

Software engineer, climber and trailer, I like to refer myself as a curious minded guy with a lot of passions. From 2015 to 2020 I studied computer science at Epita where I had the chance to join the LSE, a system and security laboratory. From 2017 to 2020 I've also been a teaching assistant in C, C++, C# and led a kernel course. In parallel, in late 2018, I founded a company named eKee which developed a plateform to gather and exchange any kind of data in an automated way.
In april 2022 I passed on my company to take some time to travel, run the Alps and the Pyrenees, climb as much as possible and learn more about mountaineering.